presentation1Vita Couture is a textile company based in Tangier (Morocco). Our mission is to help the ready-to-wear brands to develop their Woman and Girl collections.

Vita Couture offers the fashion design, development and manufacturing of the collections as well as the fabric and accessories sourcing.
With more than 20 years of experience and 1650 employees, Vita Couture is company which know how is recognized by the most important brands.

Vita couture offer and services are tailored to each client’s requirements, whether in full or semi-full package:

For the Full Package, Vita Couture offers the whole supply chain till product delivery: design, development, fabric and accessories sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, logistics.

For the Semi-full Package, we start with the client’s own design (whether it is a preliminary sketch or a detailed technical sheet) for which we propose a specific sourcing and take care of the manufacturing in order to meet the price and delay requirements.